Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD MPEG HD422 full 1920×1080 broadcast camcorder (4:2:2 sampling)
The PDW-700 takes XDCAM HD performance to a new level. It records stunning quality HD images at up to 50Mb/s onto 50GB Dual Layer Professional Discs. The PDW-700 has three 2/3-inch progressive CCD sensors each with full 1920 x 1080 resolution using newly developed “Power HAD™ FX” technology. 14 bit A/D conversion, 4:2:2 sampling and recording, and advanced digital signal processing ensures superb picture quality. The PDW-700 also supports recording in both 1080 and 720-line formats.
The PDW-700 has been designed to increase the appeal of XDCAM HD for applications such as news, TV drama, documentary and mainstream entertainment programmes that require a high quality look.
File-based acquisition onto Professional Disc, with thumbnail and proxy operation also make the PDW-700 ideal for fast-turnaround news and live applications where speed of production is a critical requirement.
Three 2/3-inch Power HAD™ FX CCDs for RGB image capture, each with 2.2Mpixel resolution
Support for existing XDCAM HD and XDCAM SD formats
4 channels of digital audio
Dual-layer Disc (50GB) and Single-layer Disc (23.3GB) support
3.5-inch colour LCD
Thumbnail operation
Proxy recording and metadata
Compact and lightweight at 4.2kg (without viewfinder, lens, microphone and battery)
Dual HD/SD-SDI output and composite/HD-Y output
Built-in up-conversion to HD from SDI input when recording
HD/SD conversion and cross conversion between 1080 and 720 at the camcorder output during playback
Pool-feed input (HD/SD-SDI and composite) option
Ethernet interface
i.LINK interface

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