The Hit

So R.O.B.1 had a little sneaky outing as part of RTÉ’s big summer series The Hit. Just a little job…….. 23 CAMERAS.


Out the back of the O.B. sat the controls and solid state recording of 12 remote cameras. All cameras were routed into the O.B. for preview in  R.O.B.1  All the usual suspects were there, Jimmy Jib, a  bunch of xdcams and a hand full of gopro’s

A huge set inside the O2 was easily covered by our new Powered Fibre, with plenty to spare 😉

R.O.B. 1’s secret weapon of a 32 channel mixer with a 48 track recorder was exactly what the client ordered. This is a music show after all and the audio was a top priority. Every single track was individually recorded and delivered so a full mix could be done in post.

All audio was brought back to the can via our wonderful brand new digital snakes. Which really cut down on the cable runs!!!

Oh and thank god for AirCon. That O2 gets a little sticky when its 28 degrees out 😉

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