Jimmy Jib

Jimmy Jib Triangle Super

Nothing says production value like a perfectly executed jib shot. When used properly, it can give your production that look than can’t be achieved in any other way. There’s no denying its effectiveness on a production but there’s a misconception that it will tear through your acquisition budget, it won’t. The cost benefit analysis of jib is very much in the favour of the production. Surprise yourself and delight your broadcast partners, see what a jib brings to your production without breaking the bank.

Reach from 1.8m (6ft) to 5.4m (18ft)
Works with film and video cameras up to 22kg (50lbs)
Head can be over slung or under slung
Uses triangular aluminium tubing for superior strength & rigidity
Unique “Cable Levelling” Design Eliminates The Need For Heavy Complicated Tie Rods
Proprietary tapered locking joints eliminate flex at the Joints
600 degrees of rotation without the use of unreliable slip rings
Battery pack with internal charger
Adjustable ramping and sensitivity controls
AC or DC Operation
Quiet drive motors are smooth, fast, quiet and have no backlash
Assistant focus controls included and can be used for set-point focus operation



A Sunny day and the 18ft Super Giant Jimmy Jib.
Cracking day for a shoot to show off the cool look that a Jib can offer to your production.
Our Jib has 3 sizes, Standard(15ft), Giant (19ft) and Super Giant (25ft) and works just a good indoors or in the middle of a field.
The jib offers a wide range of shots that can bring something beautiful, but static to life and give you angles and moves that give everything a new dimension

Gifted Live 2 « Riverside Television
May 16, 2012 9:35 pm

[…] A 3 hour live HD streamed show from the Empire in Belfast. A nice 5 camera HD setup again this time complete with an 18ft Jimmy Jib. […]

Fleadh Live « Riverside Television
August 24, 2013 6:57 pm

[…] the one hour lunchtime show. 4 xdcam cameras and one Jimmy Jib switched live and streamed to the internet from the Guild Hall in Derry. Streaming was delivered […]

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September 29, 2015 4:23 pm

[…] All cameras were routed into the O.B. for preview in  R.O.B.1  All the usual suspects were there, Jimmy Jib, a  bunch of xdcams and a hand full of […]

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