Fleadh Live

Fleadh Live, one of Riverside Televisions most ambitious jobs to date!!!

18 hours of live broadcasting over 5 days with 4 different live locations. Streamed to the internet, broadcast in Ireland on TG4 and in American on the MHZ network, all as part of the Fleadh Cheoil in Derry.

Oh and all in HD

So all the toys came out to play 🙂

B.O.B Handled the one hour lunchtime show. 4 xdcam cameras and one Jimmy Jib switched live and streamed to the internet from the Guild Hall in Derry. Streaming was delivered Livestream and also Quicklink for TG4’s own webplayer.

The main Fleadh Live show. This was a 3 hour live show with 3 different locations all combined and switched in R.O.B. 1 ( Riverside’s new O.B., being launched at IBC 2013)

R.O.B.1 was the command hub for the broadcast, VT, switch, graphics, audio and  all camera and production comms came thru the OB. Full details of what little R.O.B.1 can offer will follow in his own full posting.

Live Set 1. The Main Stage
4 xdcamHD cameras and another Jimmy Jib. 1 camera connected via a wireless camwave link.

Live Set 2: Molly’s Stage
2 more xdcamsHD cameras.

All cameras sent to R.O.B.1 via our new powered fibre

Live Set 3: Guild Hall Square
The final set was the entirety of Guild Hall Square in the heart of Derry. The Xdcam HD camera was connected  via  a wireless link to R.O.B.1 and straight into the switch. That allowed this one camera setup to roam all over the square and aroud the walls of Derry. Giving that feel of all the atmosphere generated on the streets. Which makes a Producer a ‘Happy Camper’ 🙂

Big thanks to all the production gang for donating the piccies. Oddly enough our hands were a bit full 😉


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