February 22, 2012

If Jimmy Jim says production value then Steadicam screams it and it isn’t as expensive as it is perceived to be when you analyse the possibilities and take into consideration the variety of shots that it can bring to your production.

The possibilities for film and documentary making are nearly endless. You get a higher percentage of useable footage and you give the editor more creative options. Believe it or not, set-ups become more efficient and less time consuming as your static shots segway into your tracking shots and even low level jib action is possible as the Steadicam floats from one composition to the next, panning, zooming and tilting.

As an enhancement to your visual storytelling, Steadicam gives you opportunities for drama and action that are impossible to achieve in any other way. Move with the times and move your production with Steadicam.

Steadicam operator Cyril O’Regan.

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