Go Pro at play

The Gopro cameras have revolutionized how things are shot.
We needed a cool intro to a Nationwide package for RTÉ so we strapped 4 four of the little gems on to a stunt bike rider and let him off into the distance, with quite stunning results.
You can grip these little guys on to handlebars, suspension rods and helmets.
An array of attachments are available so no matter whatever the setup the Gopro can be stuck to it or strapped on to it.
Lately we have been using these camera on people using the ‘Chesty’ mount. Ideal for those POV shots of running , climbing or parachuting.
They shoot Full HD with audio and are waterproof.
Hours of fun and endless possibilities.

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The Hit « Riverside Television
September 29, 2015 4:24 pm

[…] Out the back of the O.B. sat the controls and solid state recording of 12 remote cameras. All cameras were routed into the O.B. for preview in  R.O.B.1  All the usual suspects were there, Jimmy Jib, a  bunch of xdcams and a hand full of gopro’s […]

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