Say Hi to R.O.B. 1

ROB1 is Riverside Television’s state of the art High Definition five camera Outside Broadcast Unit and KA Band Satellite Uplink. It features five HD fibre camera channels with full camera control and power along the fibre. ROB can handle multi-track audio for live mix for broadcast and for recording for later post production if needed. ROB’s camera channels can begin on the shoulder, tripod, pedestal, track, jib or Steadicam and go direct to air, to web or anywhere at all, via ROB’s on-board KA band satellite up-link. ROB can record iso’s of each camera channel, preview, TX, auxiliary mix and other sources, simultaneously in a variety of industry standard high definition codecs that allow for direct to edit post production. 

About Us

Riverside Television facilitates the most successful television production companies in Ireland to produce broadcast television programmes of the highest standards.