Nuacht TG4

Since TG4 started broadcasting in 1996 Riverside Television has been at the heart of news gathering for the station. Initially supplying packaging for the nightly Nuacht broadcast on TG4 but as time went on supplying to  the RTÉ Nuacht bulletin also. Always on the cutting edge with news gathering technology Riverside Televsion has taken part in the initial trials of all the new systems…. Non-linear editing on the road…..FTP delivery. All of these systems are now in full use by all RTÉ & TG4 news crews on a daily basis.

We are currently testing the new Quicklink system. This will allow live broadcasting from any location with a mobile phone signal. This will revolutionize the live element of Irish news gathering.

Quicklink Testing 2012

About Us

Riverside Television facilitates the most successful television production companies in Ireland to produce broadcast television programmes of the highest standards.