Operation Transformation Series 5, Army Challenge 2012

Health Series with Kathryn Thomas, RTÉ 2012
Health Series with Gerry Ryan, RTÉ 2010
Produced By Vision Independent Productions.
This was a massive production and is still one of RTÉ’s flagship public service series.
The series follow the trials ans tribulations of 5 Leaders as they embark on a weight loss plan designed by the programmes experts . These people are selected to represent certain aspects of overweight people in Ireland. The leaders follow their plans, take on army challenges and get weighed in every week for the duration of the series.
The series was initially presented by Gerry Ryan and then by Kathryn Thomas for the Series 4 and 5.
The studio weigh-in element of the show supplied by Riverside Television. We supplied the lighting and cameras for this section. The section has grown from a 2 camera shoot to a 3 camera shoot and as the studio element got bigger and bigger we were able to introduce the Jimmy Jib to the set and also full live switch using B.O.B. our boxed outside broadcast setup.
This really speed up the post process for this part of the show as a complete package could be returned on tape to the edit. Vital as the show has a really quick turn around.
We also have hours of fun on The Curragh in Kildare, where the Irish Army put the Leaders through their paces. This is a multi-camera shoot as the with multi-track audio recording via a Tascam mixer.
Once again we do like to bring the toys out for these big productions so the GoPros are used as part of the army challenges for that in the mud and freezing water POV.

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