Outside Broadcast


Technical Specifications
Vehicle Type
LWB Mercedes Sprinter – L 8m, W 3m, H 3.05m
Camera Channels
5x UHD/HD Panasonic UC4000 camera channels SMPTE fiber
1x Vislink L1700 COFDM HD/SD H.264 4.2.2
Licensed microwave camera Channel with UHF camera control unit with Panasonic UC4000 camera
Vision mixer
Ross Carbonite 2ME, 24x channel, frame store on every channel
2x Sony HDXDCAM PMW-1000 SXS studio recorders clean + dirty record
2x AJA Ultra pro plus multi stream HD recorders or single stream 4K recorder
6x channel 3Play 440 HD/SD ‘slo-mo’ replay + VT system
Trilogy Messenger 32x port Communications matrix
1x Vertex base station (5w)
15x Vertex Licensed UHF semi duplex radios (2W)
1x Raycom Licensed UHF base station (5w)
3x Lectrosonic UHF IFB channels (UPS protected) 3x Sonifex hardwire IFB units
4G Vodaphone GSM line for broadcaster comms + 3 GSM line for IFB.
2x Pots telephone line hybrids 
32x Channel Roland V300 digital audio mixer
Genelec audio monitoring
2x24x16 Roland REAC digital snakes (UPS protected) fiber enabled
2×48 Channel Roland R1000 recorder multitrack (Sync + TC Locked to video)
Glensound Digital GDC6432 1+2 commentator system with 3x Sennhiser HMD26 headsets, fiber enabled
2x Coles lip ribbon mics
3x Sennheiser MD46 hardwire reporter mics
AJA Embedders + de-embedders
16x Sennheiser UHF studio radio mic kits
HD/SD SDI video feeds
4×2 HD/SD SDI fiber Pan box
Graphics/Caption Generator
Ross Expression Live HD/SD motion graphics generator

About Us

Riverside Television facilitates the most successful television production companies in Ireland to produce broadcast television programmes of the highest standards.